The band is formed in spring 2007 by Tomasz „Longo” Ciecielong and Paweł ”Kwiatek” Kwiatkowski, soon to be joined by Tomasz „Kieł” Lato. During the first years of existence by the name of „SETH” it is impossible for the group to gig regularly due to constant personal changes.

In spite of that, a three song promo is recorded in 2008 with Cezar (Christ Agony) as a vocalist. Two more songs are recorded in 2010 with a new drummer Tomasz „Długi” Krawczyk having joined the band not long before. In 2011 all the instrumental tracks for a debut LP are recorded, unluckily unexpected changes in the band's lineup make it impossible to finish the album and challenge Longo, Kieł and Dlugi with forming it almost from the scratch.

Sadly, having tried to work with many basists and vocalists without success it's not until 2014 that they finally manage to create a stable lineup when Maksymina „Maxi” Kuzianik takes care of the vocals and Konrad „Tomek” Lisicki (Londyn) becomes the basist. These years of experience and constant challenges influence greatly the group's members and their music itself which is expressed by serious changes in the sound and the songs' structure. To emphesise the „new approach” a new, yet familiar name of „SETHEIST” is given to the band. All these changes result in making the debut EP „The Flash of Creation” which is released in september 2014.

The future seems promising as the EP has been promoted during a series of gigs around Poland and the end of 2016 will find Setheist recording their first LP album as the recording session is to begin in the middle of November 2016.